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Preventing Floods Before They Happen

craven arms brook

The Total Response Ground Maintenance Team have been maintaining and clearing the debris from the brook the runs in between the Gateway and Lambeth in Craven Arms, this allows the water to run freely further up stream therefore preventing floods.

The Team keep an eye on the brook and the weather to ensure they are on top of it, as it can back up very quickly and their hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed!  They received the following thank you:

Every day I walk my dogs past the ‘culvert’ opposite The Stokesay Inn which when blocked, I believe is the main culprit for any flooding West of the A49 and on up the Clun Road.  You may be aware that last winter was rated as the wettest since records began and yet we had no flooding issues at all, which I maintain was solely due to the fact that Total Response had taken on the responsibility for keeping the aforementioned culvert clear.

This morning, on my first pass, I noticed that there was close to 2 feet of accumulated debris blocking the flow of water, but about 20 minutes later on my second pass there were two of your chaps clearing the blockage, so I took the opportunity to thank them on behalf of all the residents who are affected when flooding occurs.  Please keep up the good work!

Thank you one and all from one very happy Craven Arms resident.